Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction ebook

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction ebook

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction. Claude Ghaoui

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction

ISBN: 1591405629,9781591405627 | 757 pages | 19 Mb

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Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction Claude Ghaoui
Publisher: IGI Global

The study of the relationship between human and technology has evolved as one of the most dynamic and significant fields of technology research. As a BA I spend a lot of time working with users to develop applications which make their processes more efficient and purposeful. €This rich two-volume reference,” says SciTech Books News (December 2004), “presents the history and current state of research for a broad range of topics. Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction. The 100+ authors are leading designers, IT Leads, CEOs and Ivy League professors from, for example, IBM, SAP, MIT, IDF's Free Online Resources. In the case of a human brain it is the collective interaction of neurons. (2003) [16], in an experiment involving 9,589 non-spam and 14,925 spam messages, find that the error rate of this human-computer system detecting false positives is negligible, at 10 to the power of 8. This and other challenging questions will be explored in I-UxSED 2012 that brings together researchers and practitioners from two communities – HCI and Software Engineering. IDF's free online resources can be found at www.interaction-design.org and comprise: Textbooks – assembled in an encyclopedia: Open Content and peer-reviewed - written by leading figures. Topics are User Experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Business innovation, Design Thinking and Design Doing. Unlike Wikipedia (an encyclopedia created by many people editing a wiki), this handbook is not structured as a “flat” collection of interlinked, but conceptually independent, short articles.