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J2ME Games With MIDP2 pdf download

J2ME Games With MIDP2 pdf download

J2ME Games With MIDP2. Carol Hamer

J2ME Games With MIDP2

ISBN: 1590593820,9781590593820 | 304 pages | 8 Mb

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J2ME Games With MIDP2 Carol Hamer
Publisher: Apress

This is a book about making games. Because running cell phone applications on your computer is a very crazy idea and also very interesting. August 2008, 8:28 UhrGPL, Java MEWendong Li. Planetino is a 3D engine for J2ME/MIDP2 devices. The template is a Netbeans project that can be used as a base to build a J2ME game or application. It is ready to build projects for MIDP 1 and MIDP 2 as well as specific versions for Nokia. J2ME Polish also packages a game engine, enabling you to quickly port MIDP2 games to MIDP1 phones. Description Up until now I've found a complete lack of any good books on developing games for J2ME. It was initially developed as a side project of MIDPath in order to test 3D features. J2ME Game Development absolutely I applaud the decision to stick with the core of game programming and not waste time on MIDP 2 specifics (or MIDP 1 specifics for that matter). From the long time I was thinking to wrote about this post. J2ME Games with MIDP 2CAROL HAMER J2ME Games with MIDP 2 Copyright ©2004 by Carol HamerAll rights reserved. I previously purchased MicroJava Game Development but found it simplistic and too broad (who cares about WAP???).

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